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LED intelligent lighting connector applications and future trends
Release date:2017/2/14 12:08:39 Click:3047
        Lighting connector to help LED lamps cooling
        "Interconnections between people are intangible, and industrial interconnections need to be interconnected by means of reliable contact with mechanical or mechanical or mechanical non-mechanical connections." Mr. Jiang Hongtao, Began to portray the image of the connector in the industrial production of the important role. The traditional lighting to have a switch to control the light switch, but with the social development and technological evolution, intelligent home requirements continue to improve, intelligent lighting came into being: open the door of the moment, through induction or interconnection, Lighting, and through the infrared sensor, temperature sensors, sound sensors and other sensors for signal control, so that people's home life more convenient, fast, comfortable, but also to make life more intelligent, energy saving, humane.
        According to Xiaobian understanding, focused on the interconnection and connection of the TE produced by the connector in the intelligent lighting has played a key role, Jiang Hongtao said, "as long as the power control, intelligent building signal control are closely linked with the TE , In the intelligent lighting of the interconnection of the world, ultimately, the connector.
        Recently, the Government advocated the establishment of an environment-friendly society, lighting energy efficiency and environmental protection development into the mainstream trend of the future. As a new generation of energy-saving light source, LED lighting the future development prospects are very bright. With the traditional incandescent lamp gradually out of the lighting market, LED lighting market is expanding, technology upgrading is also accelerating, it is understood that LED packaging will be smaller and smaller, LED chip factory also feedback LED products become smaller and smaller, but the lumen But more and more, power is also growing. This Jiang Hongtao pointed out that if the connection within the light bulb is not reliable, the contact resistance will be greater connection, heat will be more, the unit area heat becomes larger, the temperature will continue to rise, the security risk is very large, and TE by providing efficient Reliability of the connector, so that the parts within the bulb connected closely to improve the cooling conditions, so that LED product connection performance more reliable.
        "LED lamp heat itself is a 'double-edged sword', the greater the heat the greater the brightness, while creating the greater security risks, if not a good cooling system, then the impact is not just off the lights, More likely to cause the risk of explosion, so safe and reliable connector on the lighting is very important.He further stressed that "in the LED lights, the heat is a system, the radiator attached to the surface, if the product itself is uneven will lead to heat problems , And our products are in accordance with the standard from the source to improve, from the product flatness, reflective surface design to reduce the heat security risks. "
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